What is this program?

With one simple registration, GotZoom identifies and applies on your behalf for over 70 Federal Student Loan Repayment and Loan Forgiveness programs offered through the US Department of Education.

With the help of our Federal Student Loan Subsidy Specialists, you will be able to take advantage of every eligible debt reduction program you qualify for.

Currently, when someone goes directly to the Department of Education to secure a subsidy they 
  1. Need to find the correct program
    • the programs do NOT fall in a given area of their website
  2. Determine which of the 70+ programs might work for them
  3. Submit the application for programs, one at a time
  4. Work with the Department of Education employees in Washington DC

The Department of Education reports to Congress that the success rate of obtaining a subsidy using this process is less and 3%.

Here is what Got Zoom does for FREE for your members (because they created and own the software)

  1. Take in the basic data from your member
  2. Verify with the Department of Education the exact loan program currently in effect
  3. Then use their software to sort through ALL programs to determine which one(s) would work for your member
  4. Got Zoom will then provide the results and discuss the various options to your member
  5. If your member wishes to take that information and then work directly with the Department of Education, there is nothing due or payable to Got Zoom from your member.

If, and only if, your member wishes to hire Got Zoom to work with the Department of Education on their behalf the fee discussed earlier incurred.

This is the key: 87% of the time Got Zoom is successful in achieving a subsidy for the client.


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